A Year Later: Happy International Women's Day

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2024

Wow - I can't believe an entire year has gone by.

On this day last year - International Women's Day - I stepped onstage for the biggest weekend of my life. Shameless Ambition - The Conference had officially opened for a two day event that was designed to empower, inspire and support women in their ambitious pursuits. I had been dreaming about this event for the last 9 months and the day had come for me to rise to the occasion.

The whole weekend was perfect. Really, it was.

When I reflect back on every minute of seeing my dreams come to life, I am overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude and awe for every person who supported that event. It was truly an incredible experience to host a room full of over 100 women and lead them through a program that would provide them with the tools and connections to follow their passions. Lives were changed over those two days and I'll be forever grateful to everyone who showed up to share the experience with me. 

But here we are - a year has passed and I decided not to host the conference again. 

You might wonder 'Why?' as the potential to take it to new levels is astronomical and the feedback from the pilot project was amazing.

Well - the truth is - it sucked me dry.

Mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. I had no idea what a massive endeavour this was to undertake and after reflecting for months afterward, I knew I needed to take a different direction in my ambitions. 

I love the thrill of the experience when it comes to hosting large scale events and I vibe on such a high frequency when I'm in the moment of them. However, the build up to these kinds of pursuits is always followed by an immediate crash and as a wife, mom and ambitious woman, this is just not sustainable for me. I had poured my heart & soul into Shameless Ambition for months and when it was all over, I had changed as a woman.

So what did I learn from the experience?

➤ I learned that my life requires an element of consistency and routine in order for my family to operate at it's best and when I'm stressed out and exhausted, I can't be my best self for them.

➤ I learned that the downside to taking a big risk can feel like epic failure even when 90% of the risk was a complete success and provided residual rewards.

➤ I learned that some people will always support me simply because it's me and some people will never support me simply because it's me. 

So was it worth it?

Heck YES girlfriend and I can't wait for the day when it feels right in my life to revive Shameless Ambition - The Conference and bring back the kind of female empowerment experience that all women could use in their life! 

But for now, I'm committed to consistency and focusing on smaller steps that add up to big results.

➤ I am sharing my sales skills and experience with ambitious women in an effort to build their confidence and sharpen their own tools so they can sell more and achieve more.

I have built an entire library of offerings and my sales courses are designed specifically speaking to women. The Ambitious Woman's Guide to Shameless Selling is a tactical account of my decades of sales experience and it guides the student through everything I've learned after having sold millions in product, making thousands of sales calls and working with hundreds of clients.

Selling is a service and whether she believes it or not, every ambitious woman is in sales. 

➤ I have also fallen in love with podcasting and getting to sit down with my beautiful girlfriend Justine for a conversation about ambitious women every Tuesday is truly the highlight of my week.

We have the best chats about life and these are the concepts, stories and ideas that we invite any woman who needs a circle to join in on. Shameless Ambition - The Podcast keeps my fire for supporting women roaring and I'm so thankful to be able to share it with the world.

➤ Finally, I'm committed to my clients these days as I have built a nice little book of business that keeps me excited for how I'm spending my time.

I love helping local businesses achieve their creative goals and share their message throughout the community. I feel like I've finally found my niche as a professional woman because being able to collaborate with other ambitious, forward-thinking, FUN businesses is where I belong. 

I have come so far in the last year and am honestly feeling so proud of all that I've accomplished since the biggest day of my life last International Women's Day.

It's been a wild ride to say the least but I wouldn't trade a single moment of it in order to land exactly where I have. My journey has by no means been perfect or linear but I'm grateful for the moments that have made me into the woman I am today and the people who have walked by my side through every step. There is no way to value the kind of clarity I've gained and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Happy International Women's Day beautiful!

My wish for you is that this next year brings immeasurable happiness, success and clarity in the pursuit of your ambitions and I hope that you show up in every moment shamelessly as a confident, proud woman who knows her worth.

Cheers to US girlfriend!


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