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My name is Lynsey Dalen and my mission in life is to support ambitious women as we break down barriers to achieve unimaginable goals! 

Juggling all of the demands of being a woman in today’s world can be a tall task but with my integration skills and professional experience, I can help you face those big challenges with confidence. 

My products & services are designed to help you become the most inspired, authentic version of yourself so you can pursue your dream life with Shameless Ambition!

It’s time to skyrocket your potential to make 2024 your best year yet!

My Specialties

Sharing my story and experiences to inspire and help women succeed! Speaking on sales, confidence, relationships and ambition, contact me for available dates and presentations.

A lifelong sales veteran who teaches women how to sell with confidence! Browse my Elle Bell Sales Suite of courses to find sales training designed specifically FOR ambitious women.

Sharing my creative energy and ideas to help businesses stand out in their community. My passion for marketing & events has lead me to some very cool projects over the years. 

Let's work together!

My courses will help you elevate your skills personally and professionally to achieve the kind of success you dream of!

Through an unapologetic approach to success, ambition and goals, our time together will guide you from feeling embarrassed or intimated to sell, to becoming a sales powerhouse who never misses an opportunity.

If you are ready to reach your full sales potential, the Ambitious Woman’s Guide to Shameless Selling has everything you need to know.

FULL and Mini-Courses NOW AVAILABLE!


The Ultimate Sales Training for Ambitious Women!

Learn how to master the art of Shameless Selling and let go of the fears that have been holding you back!

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About Lynsey

With 2 decades of sales and business experience, I have learned how to channel my passions, ambition and talents to design my dream life. My energy is a commodity, my experience is an asset and my creativity is my currency.

I am not here to compete with you girl-friend because I want you to win too!

I truly believe that women can have it all and there is more than enough room for us all to succeed. I am wildly passionate about supporting ambitious women and helping to create opportunities for them because I know the kind of magic & power we have as a community. 

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Creative Collaborations

Keeping the stoke alive in the Peace Region with my husband Mike D! ✌🏻

 Serving as Community Relations in the Peace Region. Join us for Industry Night!

Check out the 30 Women for 30 Years Campaign celebrating inspiring women in our region!


"Lynsey is an outstanding and creative collaborator. Her creativity knows no bounds. She consistently exceeds expectations and brings a unique touch to all of the projects we work on together. Not just a collaborator, Lynsey embodies kindness, talent, and an uplifting energy that is contagious to be around! We love our creative and productive working sessions and encourage others to connect so they can experience the magic and power of such an ambitious woman."

Meghan Hindle & Emma Hodgson
48th Media Co.

"Working with Lynsey was pure ease! I had an idea for a really great campaign to celebrate our 30th year in business. I had written the outline, dates, times etc but was getting no progress as variables kept changing and I was overwhelmed with my day to day tasks and didn’t see myself getting to the finish line the way I wanted too. I called Lynsey and we met. I outlined what I was thinking. She got just as excited about my vision as I did! In fact she came back with an expanded campaign on a much grander scale to celebrate our 30 years. She was incredibly efficient, understood our brand, has energy to spare (which I love ❤️) and presented an expanded, detailed campaign outline right down to dates & templates. She took my vision to the next level and created a campaign that lasted longer & is getting more traction. Would I recommend her - a thousand times ❤️ and I am forever grateful! "

Alison Gustafson
Victoria's Attic

"I took a leap of faith into a totally different industry than what I am used to about 6 months ago. I was scared, I thought I would fail, and I didn't think I was the right fit. I told myself all of those negative thoughts that would have held me back from succeeding because I did not believe in myself. But Lynsey did. She did not hesitate to stop me in my tracks to make sure I understood my worth and my purpose. I haven't looked back since. It does not matter what industry you are in, Lynsey can help not only your business grow but also help you grow as a person. To my knowledge, she has dominated every industry that she has been in. Do not think twice about meeting with this girl. She's life-changing for you and your revenue. "

Morgan Rolling
Oranj Fitness Grande Prairie

"When Lynsey speaks, you are treated to the expression of someone who knows their worth and is unashamed to own it. Natural in each moment and clear in her message, Lynsey truly inspires her listeners to be unapologetically themselves and shamelessly ambitious in their goals. If you have opportunity to hear her, train with her or be coached by her .. do it! Not only will you get exceptional guidance that nets results, you'll experience what it feels like to have someone who's truly in your corner and will keep you focusing forward."

Angela Ditch
Flow Coach

"I've known Lynsey for over two decades, and her standout quality is her exceptional ideation and clear vision. If you're grappling with finding direction, motivation, or the confidence to begin, working with Lynsey is an invaluable decision."

Ryan Blais
Nine10 Incorporated

Shameless Ambition - The Podcast

Available on all of your favorite streaming platforms, Shameless Ambition - The Podcast is here to support collaboration over competition and the kind of raw, authentic conversations that all women should be a part of.

Empowering Ambitious Women

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