Fight the Freeze: How to Seize the Moment with Confidence


Let me ask you this girlfriend:

Have you ever been at an event and you were introduced to someone who you immediately hit it off with? The conversation began to flow with ease, their energy and their vibes feeling perfectly in tune with your own. You’re both active and engaged. The conversation is stimulating and inspiring but then this person asks you “What do you do?” and suddenly, you’re at a loss for words?

Trust me – I’ve been there.

I have been the woman who didn’t know how to pitch herself or take advantage of an opportunity to position herself. I have lacked confidence in the moment and I’ve justified it from a mentality of wanting to present as ‘humble.’ So yeah, I’ve been at a loss for words before but I can assure you that the skill set to ‘fight the freeze’ is totally figureoutable and as an ambitious woman, it’s a skill set you need to acquire.

The ‘freeze’ happens when we’re unprepared to seize the moment and it also happens when we’re unclear about the true value of what we have to offer.

This is actually so easy to overcome and with a little thought, deliberate action and practice, you can build the kind of confidence that ensures you never freeze up in the moment again!

  1. First and foremost, always remember that you never know who your next great professional connection will be and so you should always take every introduction as an opportunity to explore that. The moment is yours, they have expressed their interest and now is your time to capture. Don’t waste it by taking the spotlight off of you. Step into the light for the moment that is yours and shine SO freaking bright!
  2. Be prepared to explain to people what you do and what you offer. This comes with practice and I highly recommend scripting it out ahead of time to get it right. Use a mirror, smile and deliver your introduction to yourself. The next time you meet someone, you won’t be stumbling over your words or wondering what you look like in the moment. This is such a confidence flex when you know how to slay your intro and spark interest in larger conversations.
  3. Initiate the conversation. After you’ve explained what you do, be prepared with a counter-question that will invite that person into your world. For example, if you own a fitness studio that offers a variety of class types, you could ask this person “What type of fitness do you enjoy?” This will put the ball in their court to start discussing their views on fitness and you can start to find your alignments from there. You want to ask the kind of questions that will allow you to gain an understanding of how that person feels about your specific industry or products. This is how you uncover the pain points that lead you to be able to position yourself as the solution.
You don’t have to feel frozen in the moment anymore girlfriend because whatever moment you’re in, is yours to cultivate.

You are there for a reason and one of the most exciting parts of being an ambitious woman is creating new connections and meeting new people. I can assure you that sometimes your best connection is the person you would least expect so don’t rule anyone out.

I know we live in a tech driven world today and all anyone talks about is selling in ‘the DM’s’ but I have no doubt that face-to-face sales skills will never go out of style! Everyone loves feeling seen, special and important so give every single person you meet the same kind of attention and energy, and I promise you will be surprised with how quickly your network and professional opportunities begin to grow.

You got this babe and I see you shining!


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