Fight the Freeze: How to Seize the Moment with Confidence


Let me ask you this girlfriend:

Have you ever been at an event and you were introduced to someone who you immediately hit it off with? The conversation began to flow with ease, their energy and their vibes feeling perfectly in tune with your own. You’re both active and engaged. The conversation is stimulating and inspiring but then this person asks you “What do you do?” and suddenly, you’re at a loss for words?

Trust me – I’ve been there.

I have been the woman who didn’t know how to pitch herself or take advantage of an opportunity to position herself. I have lacked confidence in the moment and I’ve justified it from a mentality of wanting to present as ‘humble.’ So yeah, I’ve been at a loss for words before but I can assure you that the skill set to ‘fight the freeze’ is totally figureoutable and as an ambitious woman, it’s a skill set you need to acquire.

The ‘freeze’ happens when...

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